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08. Accessing Reports Overview

You can access your training reports either from the account or office level depending on your account access. To download or print employee training information from the office level , click on the "Reports" tab on the left then click on "Training" tab up above. From the drop down menu, click on the training year you would like to view. You can also select a specific course from the Training drop down menu. From there you either click the "Print" button in the top right corner or if you would like to download the data to Microsoft Excel, then click on the "Download CSV Data" link located just below the drop down menu. As a reminder, these reports archive all employee information, including employees who are no longer employed with the office.

You can access your account level reports by clicking on your organization under My Accounts when you first login, then click on either the "Employees" tab on the left for individual reports or the "Reporting" tab for account reports.

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